Indoor/Outdoor Living

Indoor/Outdoor LivingWe’ve mentioned this before an abundance of times on the Valley Windows blog, but we have a prolific amount of experience both inside and outside of your home. When we design and install our next-level windows and doors, we want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Half the battle (or the win), is walking by and feeling proud about the right investment in your home – whether you’re living there for six months or for sixty years. Don’t get us wrong, there are certainly poor investments that are easy to make, but when you work with Valley Windows, you’ll never run into any of them. We offer a better view – we provide windows and doors that meet every challenge you’ve ever run into. If you have a vision, we’re proud and honored when we can contribute to bringing it to life.

The other half of the battle (also a win), is actually enjoying the optimal light that will flood your space, especially when designed and positioned correctly, as well as being constructed with the most premium materials and processes in the industry. We want to take the time to get to know your space and help you make the decision that you’ll appreciate for generations.

That means that we appreciate both the inside and the outside, and it especially means that we’ve grown to really respect a growing trend of indoor/outdoor living. While it may not make sense all year round, or in some places – at all, it’s been a fun concept to follow and learn about.

It’s very straightforward and comes with many benefits, a few of which we’ll get into here in a minute. It really is just the concept of a space that merges the two. It’s predominately seen as a living or lounge area outside, close to the home with some sort of shade or cover if need be; but recently, we’ve also seen an uptick in those who are interested in bringing their garden and greenery inside… especially if they can’t enjoy it outside all year round! When it comes to a living or lounge area, outside kitchens and al fresca dining areas are also gaining popularity – a great way to spend time with family and loved ones.

As for those benefits we were mentioning:

  • You really are expanding the footprint of your home. You may live in one that’s cozy but is on a tonne of land. It’s far less expensive to get creative about indoor/outdoor living than to build an entire addition or redesign your home!
  • We learned an interesting word recently – biophilia… it’s your connection to nature and plant life. As you may assume, it can cause a world of improvements for many health concerns, including mental health – another reason why so many love to merge both their worlds.
  • The last one may seem like the most obvious, but you are gaining an edge on those you know when it comes to social and event space. When it’s cold? Head inside. When it’s warm? Go enjoy the sun. Everyone in your circle will appreciate you.