March News of the Month

March News of the Month

image source: Welcome Homes

There are certain months of the year that truly feel like a new season is upon us. Operating on the opposite side of many of our Northern hemisphere readers, some readers are surprised to learn that we’re actually heading into the colder months right now. That means that our trends are a little bit different, but nonetheless, timeless. We love to cater to everyone, and it’s not hard when you provide a better view like we do with our premium windows and doors. But you can’t really have a house or a business with just windows and doors, can you? And what the Valley Windows team knows about building a dream home or business structure, you should know. Enter – as usual – our monthly round-up of what we’ve loved most. Read on for more information:

Design Your Dream Home Online and Have It Built IRL

Technology is the name of the game these days, no matter what industry you’re in. That’s certainly the case in real estate. We loved this article because it combines both the virtual/digital arenas and building in real life. As they put it so well, we’ve gotten very used to not only buying homes online, but also taking tours of homes online. Enter the next step. Welcome Homes is a new start-up that allows you to first design your dream home from the comfort of your current home and then they work to turn your dreams into a reality – sometimes only in a matter of months. The other great point that we love that this article makes is the company’s importance for those who can’t necessarily properly verbalize with builders exactly what they’re looking for. Check out this link for more information.

How To Buy Land To Build a Home

We see two different groups of prospective customers and we’re sure that that’s the case for many in the business of building a dream home. There are those who want something ready to go and there are those who want to start from the ground up – literally. We love one-stop-shops for guidance, we like to think that this blog is one, but we also love to defer to the experts in the different areas that we support. has put together a go-to overview of How to Build Your Own Home. We were fans. You can see it and learn more at this link.

5 Crucial Aspects to Look For in New-Construction Homes

Similarly, there are some big questions related to whether you pick a more historic style of architecture when it comes to your home or if new construction is for you. There are benefits and challenges to both, but this article is great because it’s put together a list of the main things to look for if new construction is the route that you want to follow. Intrigued? Click here to learn more.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Valley Windows team loves to hear from our customers in all sorts of ways and we can chat all day about far more than just the windows and doors we produce that provide a better view.