November Home News

November Home NewsSometimes it feels like months fly by and sometimes it feels like they inch along, doesn’t it? There’s no rhyme or reason, except for some higher power somewhere deciding that they should always inflict the option that we’re not looking forward to, month-over-month. Exciting travel? It will go way too quickly. A tonne of tests and stressful life events piled into the same 30 days? Oh, you’re looking ahead at a long type of week. We can’t pretend to know why, but the Valley Windows team will aim to provide a couple of smiles each go-around when we share our home news round-ups. What’s a home news round-up you may say? We’re so glad that you asked. Once a month, we stretch our creativity muscles, search the Web and come back with all of the nuggets that we think you should be aware of, looking forward. Read on for more information:

An Upcoming Social Game About Building Your Dream Home

It’s astounding to take a close look at the number of apps and games that roll out on a regular basis. They cover all matter of topics – there are no boundaries here. While a few of us definitely love kicking back with an immersive experience after a long day or week, our ears perk up, especially when we hear about home-specific apps and games. They’re gaining a lot of traction and creating a creative space where our younger generations are learning far more skills than you may think. Home Valley is the latest and greatest and we foresee that this thing will continue to take off. Simple and straightforward, you begin by decorating a small space and slowly grow your empire. There’s even a chat functionality that you can use with your friends. Learn more here.

Learning the Benefits of Home Ownership

The Valley Windows team works with customers of all ages, from all walks of life. It makes us proud whenever anyone is able to embark on the journey of home ownership, and it makes us especially proud as that age bracket is lower and lower. We hear all of the time how irresponsible younger demographics can be, but these editorial shines an important spotlight on the lessons that those in our thirties are learning, thinking about home ownership and what it entails. Intrigued? You can learn more in the article at this link.

10 Garden Myths You Need to Stop Believing

We love rounding out these articles with important information around gardening or landscaping. It’s a huge missed opportunity if you don’t take advantage of the square-metres that you have outside, the perfect place to showcase a bit of your opportunity, improve the value of your home and even limit your carbon footprint by giving back to the environment. Gardening can be overwhelming; you say it all of the time. But just in the same way that tips and tricks can be helpful, so too can a list of what you should avoid serve you well. Here’s a list of gardening myths that we recommend you steer clear of, in order to have a garden or landscaping scheme that you can be proud of.