September 2021 Home News

September 2021 Home NewsIt’s time for another round of home news, brought to you monthly by the Valley Windows team. Whether you’re just starting out on a home renovation project or looking to answer that pesky question about an issue with your property, you have it on good authority that this blog is a good place to start for advice:

6 Tips for Building Your House on a Sloping Site

In our first article, we’re looking at building homes on sloping sites. When it’s done correctly, you should have no idea the work that went into the project, but the truth of the matter is – building on a sloping site can be tricky business. Moreover, it’s far more common than you think, and too often, it’s not done to code or completed missing a few steps along the way. As you’ll learn in this article, there are a number of steps or checks off the to-do list that you’ll want to ensure are successfully in the books. We won’t get into all of them, but one of our favourites is to leverage retaining walls and basements. Both have multiple benefits – with retaining walls, you have additional opportunity for unique landscaping; with basements, you’re literally adding square meters to your property and allowing for a whole new floor of space. This can be great for storage, but it can also be the home theatre you’ve been thinking about, a guest bedroom space or perhaps a gym. Check out the article here.

What First Time Home Builders Should Look at Before Building Homes

The Valley Windows team works with all sorts of customers. Some have been homeowners for decades and that’s why they know exactly what sort of doors or windows they’re looking for. But others are brand-new to the arena, and we love working with them to figure out their style and answer all of their questions. That pertains specifically to doors and windows and giving them a better view, but it’s bigger than that – if you’re a first-time homeowner, there are things that you want to know in advance so that you skip any obvious mistakes. That’s what this article is all about. We start at the beginning, purchasing the right land parcel – doing your homework on any agricultural issues in the area and if it’s even suitable to build on. You may fall head over heels with an area or a view but come to find that it’s on top of swampy land that makes no sense for a forever home.

7 Renovation Dos and Don’ts

In the same vein, we want to stop you from making a myriad of small errors when it comes to home renovations. As a team that loves being directly involved in the work, we appreciate when our customers love embarking on home renovation journeys, so we want to ensure that there are no missteps that you can easily avoid. Of note, our favourite on this creative list is “don’t just trust Pinterest and Instagram”! Yes, the photos that you see are beautiful. Hint, they’re most likely photoshopped. The other tips are just as great (and simple). Learn more here.

As with any of these, please always reach out to the Valley Windows team. We’re committed to giving you a better view through the windows and doors that we offer, but we’re also passionate about sharing the information that we think will make sure that you’re building, maintaining, or selling your dream home.