Staying Safe in Your Home

Staying Safe in Your HomeWe’ve published a post about heroes in home safety, but most of the time, it needs to start with you. It needs to mean that you’re equipped with the proper know-how, to ensure that you and your loved ones don’t have to worry about anything. When you work in the windows and doors business, you pick up a lot of know-how about homes, and the best ways to set them up for success. We kept amassing all of this knowledge on the Valley Windows team and knew that we needed to share it with you! Hence, the blog. If you’re new, know that every month, we share all sorts of knowledge about our products and the best ways that they can fit into your homes. If you’re a veteran, we thank you that you continue to return and hope that you enjoy – and learn from – today’s post. We know that it’s not the most fun topic, but it can be one of the most important. Read on for tips about staying safe in your home.

It starts with your landscaping, what we see as one of the biggest complements to the windows and doors that the team here provides. Unfortunately, burglars love front yards that are woodsier and/or have the most lavish landscaping. Any of the trees that you’re planting can double as a hiding place, for someone who may not have the best of intentions. Keep that in mind, as you plan your landscaping scheme.

Windows is next up – and as you can imagine – a big pain point for the team at Valley Windows. There’s no need for advanced technology, when you can look directly into the windows of your neighbors. It’s their best way to determine if you have a dog or an alarm system, that may thwart their plan. We keep that in mind when you have conversations with us, so that the products we choose for you, keep you safe.

Trash is an odd one. After all, if you’re throwing something out, it most likely means that you don’t care about it. That’s great, but a burglar may not feel the same way. The Valley Windows team is all about recycling, so we don’t want to deter you from that. Rather, make sure that your recycling and trash are kept safe, until you need to load them out to the curb.

This last one may be a big shocker – and a disappointing one. It’s the best feeling in the world, if you have children, to reward them with toys and watch them play. Just make sure that you put them away at the end of a long day. If you leave them around the yard, it’s a calling card that you have a certain amount of income and/or don’t necessarily care about the materialistic items that you have. We know that you do, and you’re focused on other things, but that may not be their train of thought.

Reach out with any questions, so that the Valley Windows team can keep your home both safe and comfortable.