The Future of Homes

The Future of HomesWelcome to the Valley Windows blog! We’re excited to help educate you, not just about the products and services we offer, but about our passion for many different industries that we impact.

Part of what inspires us on the Valley Windows team is the creativity that we get to integrate into our daily tasks. We look at the products that we design and install and are continuously encouraged that they only evolve and improve over time. This is due to many different reasons. Technology is a constant part of our lives, sustainability is a growing theme, and more and more materials are available to us as we create windows and doors that offer your home a better view.

We also know that there is no finish line in our improvement as professionals, and so we’re constantly trying to finesse what we have to offer you. We know that our windows and doors contribute to increased home value, and we know that they make your home more beautiful.

That brings us to the topic of today’s post. Since we aim to make your home more beautiful, we need to keep a constant needle on what’s going on in the industry. Today, instead of looking backward, we look forward. We’re not just looking at the future of windows and doors, but instead – of homes! We’ll be sharing trends that we see on the horizon in our next few posts. Read on for a few of our favourites to kick things off.

Living off of the grid

Ecocapsules are growing in popularity and offer a solution for those who just want to live in peace and quiet. Whether they’re solar powered, wind powered or leverage batteries, they take you away from it all in a truly sustainable way.

Aluminium homes

We take advantage of aluminium in many of our window and door designs, but did you know that you can build your entire house with this dynamic material? Designers and architects are, around the globe, and the result is a home that’s beautiful and unique.

Tiny homes

Even though historically, we’ve pined for large mansions with rolling lawns, pools and such, many are instead turning to tiny homes. You need to be creative about how you use your space, but there are benefits aplenty, including the option to pick up your home and travel wherever you’d like to go.

Modular homes

Modular homes are also in-fashion, and great for those who want to make shifts to the design of their home over time. They’re designed in pieces that can fit together and be taken apart. If you have a growing family, these are ideal, as you can add more bedrooms at your leisure.

Multi-purpose skyrises

Soon we may be looking at a future where you can work, play, sleep and more – all in one building. With growing populations, many are building up, instead of out. In large urban cities, these buildings may include restaurants, health centres, your apartment and more.

Stay tuned for more innovative ways that the future of homes is changing.