What Does Your Window Say About Your Personality?

Timber Awning WindowWhat a weird question, right? Why should any part of your home or even any inanimate object dictate or be dictated by your personality? At first, we at Valley Windows would totally agree with you. We believe that our beautiful window and doors solutions match the needs of any of our prospective customers. But… we know that we’re a bit biased. We always strive to give you a better view, and that’s never been more important than when you’re dealing with a pandemic like this one. Don’t let projects like home renovations fall by the wayside, especially if they’re ones that you’re particularly excited about – like installing premium windows and doors. By sharing this article, we hope that detailing your personality and the products that make the most sense for you, get you the most excited about the weeks and work to come. Read on for more information:

(Caveat, this is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to our products. We’re sure that there will be future posts of a similar nature. It’s a rough time when you can’t showcase all of the products that you’re so proud of in one post…)

Timber Sliding Windows – they’re easy, they’re accessible, they’re perfect for those who enjoy a breath of fresh air on a regular basis but don’t need it all of the time. Sliding windows do just that – open and close easily, maintaining sleek style and allowing a quick adjustment, should Mother Nature decide to say hello in a way that surprises users. Here is an example of one of our favourites.

At first glance, a Timber Awning Window may look more like a tilted piece of art or a mirror. They open from the top and – literally – tilt in. While this means that you’re most likely giving up a screen for the purpose of guiding against bugs (unless you get creative… very possible), these can be a fantastic option, especially if you live on a floor higher up in a building. They allow in optimal airflow without blasting you with the heat or the cold. What do these say about your personality? A need for ease, style and low maintenance. We can certainly relate.

Our third for the day is the Timber Casement Window. This option serves double duty if you’re looking to avoid choosing a door that leads out to whatever outdoor space is closest. These windows say a few different things about your personality and we’re fans of all. You like ease – (it’s a theme with Valley Windows products, who wants to make life difficult for you?) – but you also like a little bit of drama. Let’s say that you have a magnificent view right outside of your bedroom or social space. Who doesn’t want to fling open the windows first thing in the morning and seize the day? You can learn more about this product here.

We hope this has made you start thinking about what Valley Windows products your home can’t live without. Give us a call and we’ll make the rest of the process as easy as possible. Stay tuned for far more information about some of our favourites, right here on the Valley Windows site.