Windows for Tiny Homes

tiny home windowWe have so much respect here at the Valley Windows team for those that live and travel in tiny homes. We’ve covered them briefly in previous posts, but as a refresher for those unfamiliar – these are advantageous for those who don’t want to necessarily put down roots but travel the area and save a lot of money in all sorts of bills. We’re talking water, electricity, all of the things that renters or homeowners do tend to worry about month over month. Tiny homes have seen a heyday in the last couple of years, especially with prolific television shoes that chronicle how they work, when they don’t, how to design them and where they go. Some of our favourites include those found on this link and those found on this link.

Both are great… and maybe the prelude for the future of adventurous living. But as you know, the entire goal of the Valley Windows team is to provide you with a better view, and we do that all sorts of different ways. We share the products that we design, we share the information that we learn, and we stretch our boundaries to think beyond what the general housing market is focusing on. Basically, you should work with us. We won’t harp on that too much today. If you’re a regular customer, you already know how much we care about our community, and if you’re a newer visitor, we invite you to check out the rest of the posts on our blog. If anything, you’ll learn something before you leave. Now – let’s talk about windows for tiny homes:

There’s no doubt that you should be working with anything less than quality materials. When you make the decision to live in a tiny home, you’re investing a different lifestyle and you want everything in this smaller space to last a lot longer than normal. Don’t cut corners here – can you imagine if your window broke, or water seeped in during a bad storm while you were on the road. Not ideal. This is worth the investment, especially because you’re going to be saving so much money in the long run.

Place them properly. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, there’s always the possibility that somebody might be able to see in. We still recommend that you have them in spaces like your rest room, just make sure that they’re placed high enough where you can still have your natural light and enjoy your privacy.

Have some fun! The point of tiny homes for many is that you’re getting to live your best life and adventure away from the typical 9-5 and style of house. You don’t need to rush into designing a tiny home. Rather, take the time and look at different styles of windows (ahem, we recommend ours), so that you can truly build a home that you’re not just proud of – you’re excited about!

Finally, work with a professional. Give us a call or drop us an email anytime. We’re happy to help at Valley Windows.