The Importance of Great Windows in Cars

The Importance of Great Windows in CarsThe team at Valley Windows does and has always prided ourselves on our commitment to providing you a better view, no matter what your home looks like. And as we’ve shared on the blog before, the best way that we can do that is to always continue to educate ourselves and learn more and more about the nuances of windows and doors. You may think that there’s not that much to it, but instead – it has become a bigger and more exciting rabbit hole over the decades that we’ve been in business, as we find more and more interesting innovations and gaps in the ways that the industry helps our customers.

That’s why – from time to time – you will absolutely find posts on the Valley Windows blog that differ a little bit. They’re not talking about our products like the Aluminium Superlite Window, (although we certainly will in future posts), or the Timber Sashless Window (always a classic); instead, we’re glancing outside of our immediate purview to discuss windows in general. Today… the focus is cars. Read on for more information:

If you have one, you know that cars are a bit of a money pit. And the windows are not only one of the most important parts of the vehicle, they’re also one of the most vulnerable parts. They can have malfunctions when you’re trying to open and close them (and I think we can agree, always during the worst weather scenarios), they can break or be easily chipped, simply due to an errant plant remnant, a rock that springs up from the street, or in the worst cases of scenario, from unavoidable crashes.

First and foremost, great windows on your cars are functional. They serve as a barrier, working to protect you, your passengers and your belongings from a myriad of fears – be it a prowler, weather, and more. These aren’t fun things to think about, but while the Valley Windows team puts a priority on designing beautiful windows and doors, foundationally – safety and security should always come first.

Next comes durability, and here we use the exact same recommendations as when we help design your better view at home. You don’t want cracks; you don’t want chips and you certainly don’t want scratches that you’ll notice every time that you get into the car. More importantly, all of these things grow over time, so you don’t want to assume that it’s there to say and put it off for a rainy day. Think about changes in season – a crack in the summer that is more heavily impacted during colder weather will certainly make you more uncomfortable.

Finally, for today, (as we’re sure that this will be one of those topics that we return to – have you sensed our enthusiasm yet?) it’s so important to keep your windows clean. You’ve already invested so much in them, and in support of both durability and safety (and looking good), you want to clean your windows on a regular basis. While there are many outlets of information out there, we enjoy this one for quick tips and tricks.

Check back in for more information. You should always have a better view, no matter where you are.