Childproofing Your Windows

Childproofing Your Windows

We all have horror stories about the safety of our homes – whether they’re about our worst nightmares for ourselves or for other members of our households. They’re all valid, […]

How We’re Caring for Our Customers… and Employees

How We're Caring for Our Customers and Employees

Welcome back to the Valley Windows blog! We’re a company that prides itself on so many different things. We’re passionate about the materials that we choose, our integrity in the […]

Dream Home Building Blocks: The Bonus Room

Dream Home Building Blocks- Bonus Room

There’s a key word in this post’s title that we want you to focus on and that’s ‘bonus’. Positivity can be a rare find right now, but it’s more important […]

September Home News

september home news

September can be an interesting month every year, no matter where you live. If you live in Melbourne and beyond, we’re guessing that 2020 continues to look a little bit […]

The Advantages of Double-Paned Windows

Timber Bifold Window

There are a lot of things that you don’t look forward to in life – or at least, things that the Valley Windows team doesn’t look forward to in life. […]

The Best Ways to Incorporate Colour into Your Home

The Best Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Home

The Valley Windows team looks at a home as a recipe – hopefully one that equals success. A recipe is made of an abundance of ingredients and our favourite when […]

Buying Windows for Larger Buildings

Buying Windows for Larger Buildings

Working on a commercial building – may it be full of retail, offices or even condominiums is a completely different beast. It requires just as much care and it’s just […]

Places You Shouldn’t Put Windows

Places You Shouldn’t Put Windows

The team at Valley Windows has a habit of preaching about the value of windows. We love designing them, we love constructing them, we love installing them – you could […]

Windows and Greenhouses

Windows and Greenhouses

Windows aren’t just designed for your home. In fact, way back in the day, some houses didn’t even have windows – and those that did, had very different styles than […]

What Does Your Window Say About Your Personality?

Timber Awning Window

What a weird question, right? Why should any part of your home or even any inanimate object dictate or be dictated by your personality? At first, we at Valley Windows […]