5 Signs That Your Wooden Window Frames Need to Be Replaced

timber window

Even the best quality frames have a lifespan, and although modern wooden window frames have a life expectancy of up to 60 years, many homes are fitted with older, inferior […]

Essential Winter Maintenance for Your Timber Framed Windows and Doors

Winter is here, and as tedious as it sounds, it’s time to start thinking about those repair jobs that ensure the house stays standing through the cold, dark months. Timber […]

Hospitality 102

Having déjà vu? There’s a good reason why. If you’re a regular visitor to the Valley Windows team blog, then you’re fully aware that we’re looking to make an expansion […]

How to Welcome Guests into Your Home

how to welcome guests into your home

We spend so much time talking about the homes that we design; we often forget about the best part – the time that you get to spend in them with […]

Transform Your Home with Aluminium Bifold Doors!

aluminium bifold door

Open plan living has taken the interior design world by storm in the last decade, turning the focus from building walls to knocking them down. And with this trend, along […]

Make a Focal Point of Your Aluminium Windows

aluminium superlite window

When you think of stylish and chic windows, aluminium windows are probably far down on your list of chosen materials. However, aluminium is quickly emerging as the hidden gem of […]

Staying Safe in Your Home

Staying Safe in Your Home

We’ve published a post about heroes in home safety, but most of the time, it needs to start with you. It needs to mean that you’re equipped with the proper […]

The Evolution of Consumers and Smart Home Products

The Evolution of Consumers and Smart Home Products

Yes, yes, we live in the age of smart homes. We can’t be told it enough (seriously… it seems as though every advert we see these days is showcasing it), […]

Setting Expectations with Your Contractor

Setting Expectations with Your Contractor

You’ll have many important relationships in your life. They range from family and friends to the most professional of comrades. Each should be treated with a certain level of respect; […]

Different Types of Windows This Year

Different Types of Windows This Year

Sometimes we simply see them as a square space in which we can see the outside world and the outside world can see just how well we’ve decorated our interior […]