Timber Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors

Timber Bi-fold Doors

Bifolds may seem like a relatively new invention, but the amazing truth is that the earliest known example of timber bifold doors dates back to 79AD in Pompeii and can […]

The Role of Bamboo in Home Construction

The Role of Bamboo in Home Construction

Bamboo is having its heyday as a material. No more is it just the plant that you see in certain types of landscapes or certain areas around the Globe. No […]

The Value of Shutters on Windows

The Value of Shutters on Windows

While the name of our business is Valley Windows, the name of our success is knowing the piece that quality windows play in the puzzle of a successful house. We […]

5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Doors

aluminium stacker door, aluminium doors Melbourne

Aluminium doors were once a contentious topic in the home improvements world. Although they were durable, practical and secure, they were far from aesthetically pleasing. This led to PVC and […]

How to Get the Best Deal on Double Glazed Windows

Aluminium Commercial Lite Window, double glazed windows

Australia has been slow to catch on to the trend of double glazing. However, recent figures suggest that up to 87% of heat gain occurs through windows, and thankfully, we […]

When to Keep Your Windows Open and Closed

When to Keep Your Windows Open and Closed

Changes of seasons can be a very odd thing. Some people love it. They have a favourite and they can’t wait to see its arrival. Others have a least favourite […]

What You Need to Know About the Importance of Natural Light

The Importance of Natural Light

There are a few topics that the Valley Windows team has no problem discussing over and over again. There aren’t many, but they’re each incredibly important. We hope that this […]

5 Signs That Your Wooden Window Frames Need to Be Replaced

timber window

Even the best quality frames have a lifespan, and although modern wooden window frames have a life expectancy of up to 60 years, many homes are fitted with older, inferior […]

Essential Winter Maintenance for Your Timber Framed Windows and Doors

Winter is here, and as tedious as it sounds, it’s time to start thinking about those repair jobs that ensure the house stays standing through the cold, dark months. Timber […]

Hospitality 102

Having déjà vu? There’s a good reason why. If you’re a regular visitor to the Valley Windows team blog, then you’re fully aware that we’re looking to make an expansion […]