Don’t Be Blind Sided

Don't Be Blindsided

We know, we know, we’re super comedic. It’s probably the reason that you came to check out the Valley Windows site, isn’t it? Well if not, it’s probably because you […]

Keep it Simple: How to Renovate Your Home

Keep it Simple- How to Renovate

It’s hard to assume simplicity, especially when it comes to your home. In fact, “keep it simple” is rarely advice that you hear from experts in the home renovation realm. […]

What If…?

what if

Loaded question, eh? Seeing the subject line of this blog post, you’re probably enthralled with what the content of a post like this could be. Are we learning about the […]

Window “Panes” – Part Two: What Doesn’t Matter

Window “Panes” – Part Two: What Doesn’t Matter

The title of the post sounds a little bit lackadaisical, doesn’t it? That’s not normally the modus operandi of the team at Valley Windows. In fact, if you ask any […]

Window “Panes” – Part One: What Matters

aluminium sashless double hung windows

To be honest, when the writer first heard this prompt, the pun went right over her head. This is funny, because the team at Valley Windows has probably heard every […]

The Most Unique Homes Around the World

most unique homes around the world

One the hardest, but most important facets of any business that’s looking to push the needle in the industry, is research. No less important and no less of a time […]

April Home Renovation News

April Home Renovation News

There are so many exciting things about the start of a new month. It’s a fresh start, a new opportunity to go after your goals for the coming weeks and […]

How to Build the Best Showroom Experience

How to Build the Best Showroom Experience

Consider this a recipe of a blog post. Take a dose of expertise, a hint of our passion to share information with those closest to us, and a dash of […]

Heroic Stories of Safety

Heroic Stories of Safety

Here on the Valley Windows blog, it’s a main priority to tout the benefits of the products that we offer and the services that we share. But that’s only possible […]

Aluminium Windows 101

aluminium awning window, valley windows aluminium windows

We love telling the stories of our products. If you asked us to pick a favourite, it would be like picking a favourite child. We spend so much time here […]